October 1, 2015 ?>

October 1, 2015

It’s October. Liam’s first month at his new school has come and gone. I barely got through it without turning into one of those mothers.  The one’s who start emailing the teacher the first week about how the dog really did eat his homework or waltzing into the principle’s office first thing 8am to share a concern about a teacher’s classroom protocol. Adjusting to change is never easy.  We’re trying to find our rhythm but every where we turn there seems to be something else new…

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Healthiness ?>


I have spent a large part of the late spring/early summer stressing over this move.  Although we’re not entirely settled in our new house, I can say that it’s starting to feel a lot more like our home.  We still have a second floor to finish. We’re adding a family/playroom upstairs, a small storage room, half bath and a guest room. Best of all, I’m getting some “reading nooks” built into the four dormer windows.  I’ve always wanted a reading…

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School year highlights ?>

School year highlights

It’s hard to believe Liam has finished third grade.  When we hug I no longer have to bend down to kiss his little forehead anymore.  He’s growing tall and angular.  He asks questions about the world that I can’t answer and makes me realize that we’re moving into a phase where I will learn just as much from him as he does from me. It’s an amazing feeling to watch your little one grow into himself.  But sometimes I wish I…

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So, I thought my dog was dying last week. Turns out she’s not, everything is fine. What’s annoying is how often I think this, that something really major is wrong, take her to the vet, spend hundreds of dollars on blood tests and x-rays only to find out that her problem is something simple, like bad arthritis in her back. It’s not really the money. It’s all worth it to know she’s ok and not dying. What I’m really annoyed…

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The problem with blogging ?>

The problem with blogging

Another Christmas and New Years has come and gone. Once again I find myself contemplating whether or not this little blog with no real purpose should really be taking up space on the interwebs. The original purpose was to use it as a way to share my little life adventures with the rest of my family and friends far and wide. But we all use Facebook for that now. Yet, maybe that’s the problem. Sometimes I feel like Facebook and…

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What to do on a snow day ?>

What to do on a snow day

Liam and I both have a snow day. He’s been sick for the past four days which means he’s already gotten more time on Minecraft than typically allowed, so I’m attempting to hunt down some appropriate crafts that we can do to spend the time. One thing I’ve never done with Liam yet is salt dough crafts, and I’m seeing a lot of great ideas for making Christmas ornaments out of salt dough around the internet these days. To make…

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Various things I wanted to be when I grew up ?>

Various things I wanted to be when I grew up

Like most kids, my career goals changed often as I grew-up.  The following is a list of professions that I can remember aspiring to or at least imagining myself as.  I tried to list them in order from my youngest years to my older years: 1) Nurse (pre-school) 2) A dancer for Michael Jackson (pre-school to elementary) 3) Wonder Woman/Super Hero that could set things on fire with her mind (elementary school to middle school.  If I were being totally honest, I think…

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