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One of the snow days. Battling some cabin fever, watching Smurfs 2.

One of the snow days. Battling some cabin fever, watching Smurfs 2.

So, I thought my dog was dying last week. Turns out she’s not, everything is fine. What’s annoying is how often I think this, that something really major is wrong, take her to the vet, spend hundreds of dollars on blood tests and x-rays only to find out that her problem is something simple, like bad arthritis in her back.

It’s not really the money. It’s all worth it to know she’s ok and not dying. What I’m really annoyed with is how I tend to freak out whenever she starts acting differently and insist that there’s something seriously wrong. I just wish I could speak dog, so I could ask her questions, like I do when Liam is sick. There’s a huge difference between “Yes, my liver is enlarged because there’s a tumor” to “Nah, it’s just my arthritis kicking in, pop me a Novox and I’ll be fine in the morning.”

This whole week has kind of been off. I’m blaming all the snow days we had the week before, it just threw everything off kilter. I think it bothered Liam too. He had barely returned from Christmas vacation, spending just a day and a half in school before the snow storm hit and he scored another three days off. He had an especially hard time getting back into the routine of doing homework. What made it even harder was that the homework he brought home was especially challenging. On Wednesday night, I had to help him with four questions that looked something like this:

The test that Keyshawn’s class took finished at 10:30a.m. The first part of the test took 30 minutes. There was a 15-minute break. The second part of the test also took 30 minutes. At what time did the test start?

Actually, I like this question. It’s a multiple step problem, it encourages critically thinking. These are all good things. But trying to explain it to an eight year old in a way that doesn’t confuse him anymore than he already is? That’s the challenge. He got through it, but if he’s ever faced with any of those questions on a test, I’m not sure he’d get them right.

On Friday, I went to see The Imitation Game. It was really good. Although it’s gotten quite a bit of criticism for taking liberties and not being historically accurate. But what else is new, it is Hollywood. I’ve always been fascinated with cryptography and I love WWII history so it was a win-win for me. Or even a win-win-win, because Benedict Cumberbatch.

The rest of my weekend has been spent mostly on my couch, reading, napping or watching old episodes of Criminal Minds. Sometimes, we just need days like that.

The problem with blogging

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Another Christmas and New Years has come and gone. Once again I find myself contemplating whether or not this little blog with no real purpose should really be taking up space on the interwebs. The original purpose was to use it as a way to share my little life adventures with the rest of my family and friends far and wide. But we all use Facebook for that now. Yet, maybe that’s the problem. Sometimes I feel like Facebook and all its social media siblings are melting my brain. I have fallen into a funk where my world and everything I contemplate seems to have turned into a series of poppy comments, meant to generate “likes” and “shares” as opposed to real thoughts and serious discussion. Not that everything has to be a discussion. I enjoy mindless banter. I need mindless banter. So, I really don’t know why I keep feeling guilty about not maintaining a blog.

I think one of the reasons I don’t really blog much anymore is because blogging has become so serious. Blogs have design now. Posts have a format. There are even special methods for coming up with blog post titles (in fact, I used it for this blog post!). I know this, because I teach classes on using social media tools and I tell students all the time your blog post should follow this format or it will not be awesome, and I walk away feeling a little like a hypocrite because I follow none of this myself. It just takes too much time. Which is why I tried the blog challenge thing because it gave me simple prompts to start with and just made it easier to come up with content. But that too died after about three posts.

But it is a new year, so I think I might try again. I don’t really do new years resolutions, because I’m pretty much doing resolutions all year round. In fact, I pretty much resolve to stop eating junk food every Sunday night. I succeed with some, fail with others. This year does feel a little different, though. I keep finding myself in situations where I want to creep out of my comfort zone. It’s a little scary.

I thought maybe if I just take a blase approach to blogging. The minute I start taking it seriously, I tend to freeze up. One day, I do want to be able to publish something in the library field. I have ideas all the time for articles. But I have yet to develop the discipline or the writing skill to really make that happen. It’s probably because that’s “serious writing” and I’m just completely intimidated by that. So, I need something resembling a sandbox, where I can just play pretend and not have to take anything seriously, yet still be doing it on the web because it at least gives the illusion of a potential audience and makes me feel accountable.