Weekend Highlights {8/4}

This weekend was project weekend.

Project 1. Liam’s school papers and art work from last year

I’m terrible at keeping up with sophisticated scrapbooks.  Most of my photographs are still stored loosely in boxes, waiting to be sorted and presented in some presentable fashion.  But for the last few summers, I have been diligent about sorting through Liam’s school and art work. It’s a relatively easy task, although the hardest part is choosing what to keep.  I use a traditional portfolio to store everything.  They are rather expensive, but it’s worth it for preservation and because the size works better given that a lot of his art work sometimes ends up being on large pieces of construction paper.

So I started with this:

photo 6

Here it is all organized in the portfolio.  Much more manageable and easy to look through.  I still want to add some labels with dates and descriptions, other random memories but it’s pretty much done.


photo 8

Project 2. Painting the front porch

This is more my dad’s project than it is mine. :-) I have a brand new porch. I like my new porch.  But I want my porch painted and my dad got started on it this weekend.  It was hot and muggy and not an easy job.  Yet, I have a partially painted porch.  I’m redoing the color scheme completely, the shutters and flower holders are green but I’m planning to paint them a dark blue.  The door will be blue and so will the floor of the porch.  I can’t wait for the final product.  I think I might buy me a rocking chair, and sit outside and watch the world go by on route 11. :-)

PicMonkey Collage.jpg


This year Liam and I made plans to join our wonderful neighbors for a night of trick-o-treating.  It was rainy, windy, gross weather in general.  But let’s face it, nothing can get in-between a child and their candy on Halloween night.  With umbrellas and flashlights in hand, we persevered, walking up and down neighboring streets, ringing on door bells and looking cute. The kids came out with quite a stash.  It was a wonderful night of memories.